Homeownership Program

Twin Pines Housing provides down payment grants to help reduce the purchase price of a home or condo for qualifying families. In exchange for this grant, homebuyers agree to limit their profit should they sell the home. This profit cap allows the home to remain affordable to future buyers of modest means.

Grants may be available for buyers earning up to 120% of the county’s median income where the home is located (175% for homes through Woodstock Community Trust). For example, the 2020 income limit for a three-person household in Windsor County, VT is $85,680 ($124,950 for homes through Woodstock Community Trust).

Our homeownership team has been stewarding homes in this program since 1990, with homes added to the program as new grants become available. So if you are interested in purchasing a home already in the program or have found your dream home on your own, it’s time to get started.

Learn how we help make homeownership a reality: download our brochure! For more information about our partnership with Woodstock Community Trust, download our WCT brochure.

To apply for our program, please complete a Buyer Application: download our Buyer Application! For properties available through our partnership with Woodstock Community Trust (WCT), please download our WCT Buyer Application.

Mail or email the completed application to us and we will follow-up with you promptly.

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