Supporting Twin Pines Housing during COVID-19

Your gift made during 2020 will be doubled, thanks to a generous matching gift from
The Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation
Peter and Jane McLaughlin.

Help us reach our $300,000 goal for our 30th Anniversary!

Your financial support will ensure that Twin Pines Housing can continue providing homes and supportive services to low-income households throughout this difficult time. 

As an essential service provider in both Vermont and New Hampshire, we’ve been there for our residents since the start of COVID-19, helping them to stay safe and navigate the challenges of the pandemic:

  • Twin Pines Housing staff reached out to each of our residents in mid-March to check-in and inform them of CDC guidelines. They continue to contact residents regularly with new information as it becomes available.
  • Our maintenance team visits each of our properties daily to clean and disinfect common areas.
  • Our supportive services team is helping residents access Unemployment benefits and Economic Impact Payments, and performing weekly phone check-ins with more than 70 households, with a focus on our senior residents.

According to the Terner Center for Housing Innovation, UC Berkeley, it’s likely that 39% of New Hampshire and 35% of Vermont renter households have been impacted by COVID-19-related income or job loss. As Twin Pines Housing experiences reduced revenues and increased expenses related to the pandemic, we are relying on the community to help us bridge the gap.



Karen, our SASH Coordinator, visits a resident through her window.

By Mail:

Twin Pines Housing
226 Holiday Drive, Suite 20
White River Junction, VT 05001

Korey, one of our Maintenance Technicians, disinfecting a door knob.

3 Ways to Give Real Estate

1. Make an Outright Gift

A home, land, or rental property can simply be gifted to Twin Pines Housing. If you have owned it for more than a year, you will receive a charitable income tax deduction for its fair market value and avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciation.

2. Create a Life Estate Agreement

A life estate agreement is a terrific way to gift your primary or vacation home to Twin Pines Housing and still enjoy it for your lifetime. You would continue to pay the maintenance, insurance, and taxes on the property just as you do now. Then, after your lifetime, we can put the house to use without the delays or expense of probate. A sizable charitable deduction is available when you establish a Life Estate Agreement, so you can enjoy the tax benefits today.

3. Sell Your Real Estate at a Bargain Price

Selling your real estate to Twin Pines Housing for a bargain price also offers many financial benefits. First, you will receive a charitable deduction for the discount below its fair market value.

And since some of the property’s appreciation stays with the gifted portion, your capital gain tax on the bargain price is reduced. In fact, many bargain sales are structured so the capital gains tax is completely offset by the tax value of the charitable deduction — a zero tax solution.

Bargain sales are a common way to use the power of tax planning to turn your real estate sale into a charitable gift larger than you may have thought possible.

Please contact us to learn how to plan a gift that meets your financial goals.

Andrew Winter, Executive Director
Phone: 802-291-7000