Current Projects

747 Hartford Avenue

White River Junction, VT

Twin Pines plans to build an 18-unit apartment building, on a parcel of the St. Paul’s Church property. Preliminary plans call for the building to have three-stories with a pitched roof and with all apartments having a single bedroom. The building will provide permanent housing for its residents, who will receive case management services from the Haven in addition to services provided by Twin Pines’ staff. It will help meet the need for permanent housing with supportive services from those who have experienced long-term homelessness.

PROJECT UPDATE — November 17, 2023:

Project expectations for November 20-24.

The underslab plumbing has been completed. The slab was originally scheduled to be poured this week and now that will not occur until next week. Depending on weather, the plan is to try and pour the slab on November 22. If the weather is not favorable on Wednesday, then the goal would be to try and pour it on November 24 or November 27. For the short term, this puts us a little behind schedule. The footings for the slab are being poured this week and the area will be prepped for the pouring of the pad on Monday and Tuesday of next week. The prep work includes backfilling to the proper elevation and compression of the dirt and soil. Framing will now most likely start the week of December 4.

With the pouring of the slab now running a bit behind schedule the trenching for the underground utility in the area of the church will not occur until sometime in December. When the trenching does occur, it will be on the East side of the church between the church and the new phase I parking area. We’ll keep you posted on the timing of the trench work in this location.

This week will be a short week with Thanksgiving on Thursday. No work is scheduled for Thursday, and no work is scheduled for Friday unless, due to weather, the pouring of the slab needs to occur on Friday.

County Road Apartments

New London, NH

Twin Pines is excited to move forward on a proposed 60-unit workforce housing project in New London, NH. The project would be built on a seven-acre site, zoned for multi-family units, behind the Hannaford shopping center and near the New London Hospital. The site is on town water and walkable to local commerce, library, and the hospital.

This project comes as the result of a local citizens group reaching out to Twin Pines, to seek solutions to New London’s workforce housing needs. Twin Pines is in the process of securing funding for the project and beginning local permitting, which involves initial work with architects and engineers on site design. In September, Twin Pines presented a conceptual site plan to the New London Planning Board, which was received positively. Additionally, Twin Pines is committed to participating in community conversations in New London to describe the project, answer questions, and receive citizen input.

The 60 units would be one- and two-bedroom apartments, geared toward individuals making between 60% and 80% of Area Median Income. The proposed project would be comprised of four buildings, each with ten 1-BR apartments and five 2-BR apartments.

Architectural schematics will be available soon. For more information on the project, click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

Safford Commons

Woodstock, VT

Construction of four new homeownership units at Safford Commons in Woodstock, VT, is now complete.  The mix of two and three-bedroom units include open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, laundry room, and front-entry porch with storage. The units are permanently affordable.
Two units have sold, and applications are still being received and reviewed for qualified buyers for the other two. Qualified buyers can purchase the home, and Twin Pines offers down payment assistance grants that are perpetually tied to the property. This keeps the property affordable for generations to come.

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