Long Meadow Commons will include 60 units of workforce housing on a seven-acre site behind the Hannaford shopping center in New London. The project comes as the result of a local citizens group reaching out to Twin Pines to seek solutions to New London’s workforce housing needs. The 60 units will be divided into four buildings of 15 units (each has 10 1BR units and 5 2BR units).

Long Meadow Commons is geared towards workforce residents whose income is between 60% and 80% of area median income. The site is in walking distance to groceries, health care, major employers, library, and other retail.

FAQ’s: For more information on the project, click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

PROJECT UPDATE – May 15, 2024:

Our well contractors, Cushing & Sons, recently drilled two wells, finishing last week. Unfortunately, neither well has yielded much water. This was a big disappointment after the success across the street where the same contractor and engineer found sufficient water for the Continuum Project. Our engineers are now back to the drawing board to find the right place on the parcel to drill the next set of wells. We are moving forward on additional testing and engineering over the next several weeks. Stay tuned!