Safford Commons Home Ownership Units Construction Site

WOODSTOCK — Twin Pines Housing is adding up to 8 units of housing for sale at its Safford Commons complex, part of its ongoing effort to make home ownership more affordable.

Housing applications open in September for the new housing, where four of the units are under construction now at the complex off Route 4 in Woodstock.

The two single-story, two-bedroom condominiums will cost $185,000, and the two, two-story, three-bedroom condominiums will cost $222,000, well below market rates for such housing. A second phase of the project, which would develop four more units for ownership, will probably begin in the next two years, said Andrew Winter, the executive director of Twin Pines Housing.

Jasmine Taudvin is a Staff Writer for the Valley News. Read the full article on the Valley News Website.