The Parkhurst Supportive Housing Project:
A Review of Program Outcomes after 3 1/2 years

Parkhurst Community Housing, Lebanon, NH

Michael Redmond, Executive Director, Upper Valley Haven
April 2022


This paper provides an analysis of the outcomes of a permanent supportive housing project in Lebanon, NH that opened in August 2018. The 18-unit apartment building, called Parkhurst Community Housing or simply, Parkhurst, provides rental units to people who have experienced chronic homelessness. A feature of the program is that residents of Parkhurst benefit from Project-Based Rental Assistance, with the tenant’s portion of the rent limited to 30% of their income. Residents are eligible for Housing Choice Voucher (mobile voucher) after a year of successful
tenancy, allowing a resident to move to other eligible properties if they choose.

Three and one-half years after opening the project can be viewed as very successful in meeting the goal of helping people remain housed. A total of 29 tenants have lived in the 18 units. Nine original tenants remain housed at Parkhurst and nine new tenants, all “chronically homeless” prior to moving to Parkhurst now live there. Of those who left, seven are now living in other permanent housing. One tenant has returned to temporary emergency housing and two have unknown status. Only one tenant was asked to leave due to disruptive behavior, though an eviction was avoided through counseling and a move to a housing environment more in line with his needs. Click HERE here to read more.