Twin Pines Housing encourages Hanover residents to vote YES on Article 7 at the Hanover High School on Tuesday, May 9 between 7am and 7pm.

Article 7 pairs increased unit density with a reduced parking requirement for income-qualified senior housing within the RO Zoning Districts only. This carefully tailored zoning change is the first step toward renewing and expanding Summer Park Senior Housing.

Summer Park is comprised of three, 1970s-era buildings with 8 apartments each, located between the Richard W. Black Center and Summer Street. These 24 studio and one-bedroom apartments are Hanover’s only affordable apartments restricted to seniors. The buildings are aging quickly, have electric heat, and are very costly for the Town to own and operate. The 12 second floor units can only be accessed by stairs, making them unusable by seniors with poor mobility.

Twin Pines Housing, the Upper Valley’s leading nonprofit developer and provider of affordable housing solutions, has partnered with the Town on concepts to redevelop the property. If Article 7 is approved, the current 24 units could be replaced with up to 28 units. Use of additional town-owned land near Summer Park could potentially allow for up to 29 additional units. That possibility is still a ways off, and Hanover voters would need to approve any and all development beyond this initial zoning change.

The Town has prepared an informational video that explains each zoning article on the ballot. The overview of Article 7 begins at minute 6:53. Click here to view the video or watch below.

Please vote YES on Article 7 to increase and improve affordable, senior housing in downtown Hanover.

Hanover Town Amendments April 2017 from CATV 8 on Vimeo.