Dear Friends,

On behalf of Twin Pines Housing, I want to thank everyone who advocated for Hanover’s Article 7 and those who turned out on a cold, damp day to vote for its passage.  Eight-five percent (85%) of those who voted on Article 7 supported the measure, a great win for seniors in need of decent, safe and affordable housing.

Twin Pines Housing will continue to partner with the Town on concepts to redevelop the Summer Park complex; Hanover’s only affordable housing that is restricted to seniors and those with disabilities. Once those concepts are refined, we will again come before the Town to present our ideas on ways to improve the property with current and future residents in mind.

Until then, we encourage everyone to remember that the Upper Valley’s shortage of affordable housing has not been solved with this vote. There is still a long road ahead and we hope you remain by our side for the journey.


Andrew B. Winter
Executive Director